Investment Advice for the Long Haul

There’s a lot of financial misinformation in circulation—either as an overreaction to current market events, or to help someone profit from it. We’re careful with the advice we give. You can rest easy knowing that at Advance Capital Management you’ll get smart, unbiased investment advice for your long-term goals.

Determine your risk tolerance

Successful investing takes time and patience. While there are no guarantees, abandoning your investment strategy too soon will likely put your financial goals farther out of reach. To help you stay disciplined, your Advance Capital adviser first takes the time to learn about you and uncover your specific risk tolerance. Once understood, your adviser works to control risk in your portfolio and keep you invested for the long term. This gives you a better chance to achieve your long-term goals.

Recommend an appropriate asset allocation

How your portfolio is divided among different investment types is known as your asset allocation. Your asset allocation drives your portfolio, so it’s important that it reflects your specific needs and goals. Our advisers will recommend an appropriate asset allocation that best aligns with your unique risk tolerance and has an expected return to meet your financial goals.

Keep you focused on what matters

Advance Capital Management is committed to educating you about your investments. We also encourage you to focus on what really matters—your dreams for the future—rather than short-term market conditions. Our experienced advisers are well-versed in the behavioral aspects of investing. Therefore, we provide realistic advice and reassurance to help temper emotions during times of volatility so you stay committed to your comprehensive financial plan.

Turn your portfolio into income

The purpose of your portfolio is to help you live your ideal life. However, taking money out of your portfolio can be trickier than saving and investing money. We’ll recommend how to raise cash for your financial needs while maintaining your asset allocation and avoiding unnecessary tax liabilities or trading costs. We’ll also suggest strategies to more efficiently use your portfolio as a source of income in retirement.

Broaden your investment knowledge

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