Our Low-Cost Approach

When it comes to investing, past performance cannot be counted on to predict future results. Instead, research has shown that cost is a better indicator of future returns. While you can’t control where markets will go, you can control the costs you pay for the ride. The less you pay in costs, the more you keep of your portfolio’s return.

That’s why Advance Capital Management strives to provide the best investment value at the lowest cost to meet your needs. Throughout our investment process, we remain conscious of costs. Unlike some competitors, we offer the benefits of both financial planning and investment management for one competitive advisory fee.

Why investment costs matter

High costs take a bite out of your returns. Each dollar you pay in investment expenses, commissions and management fees is one less dollar you’ll see from your returns. The more you pay, the more ground you have to make up to match market returns.

Over time, even a small difference in costs can lead to a significant difference in portfolio value. The illustration below shows the long-term impact of investment costs on portfolio balances.

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